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A really popular air plant because of its graceful shape and lovely colour. The soft, thread-like leaves give it its name ‘filum’, means thread (folia being leaves). It likes more humid conditions so bathrooms and kitchens are ideal. Or try keeping it with other airplants to provide a humid microclimate around it.Thid delicate variety packs a punch with its spreading flower spikes. Purple maroon flower bracts explode out of the plant followed by dainty violet flowers. A real show. With generous misting Filifolia quite readily produces offsets (pups), which can easily be separated from the parent plant when they are about one halp, to two thirds the size of the mother plant. Alternatively leave them in place to form your very own living ‘starbust’.

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 5-15 cm

Medium, Large

Light Required Moderate