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Terrariums Made Easy!

Posted: September 21, 2023

If you are looking to bring a little of the natural world to your surroundings there aren’t many easier ways than to make your own terrariums.

So what is a terrarium? Well really, it is just a miniature planted arrangement, in a glass container. They can be small, with just one plant, or huge, rivalling the Eden Project! Terrariums made with airplants really are simple, no fiddly planting things in soil through narrow openings, they don’t have to be sealed up, and you still get all the fun of decorating it with coloured sand, gravel, shells or what ever takes your fancy.

As far as watering goes, just take the plants out of their setting, give them a mist, shake excess water off and put them back. Once a week is great, you probably won’t need to do any more often than that, unless they are in a really sunny spot. If you are lucky enough to be away for a few weeks, they probably won’t even miss you – but will appreciate a good water, (and a chat), when you get back.

Get the children involved as well, they are a great way to introduce youngsters into handling plants, as they can take rough handling and are virtually indestructible (airplants – not children…)! Maybe you could even convince your budding nature-lover to make their own themed ‘mini-world’. Fairies? Dragons? Space? The possibilities are endless.

If you want to know where to start, you can’t go wrong with an ‘Airplant Beginners Collection’ and an Accessories Pack. All come with easy care instructions, and the rest… is up to you!