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Air Plants

Love is….

Posted: January 31, 2019

…Air Plants?


Well, Love is lots of different things to different people.  How best to show your loved one that you care?  Well, personally, having a cup of tea brought in to wake me up in the morning takes a lot of beating!  However for the more romantic gesture plants and flowers are a winner, aren’t they?

Now, what to give?  The Language of flowers – Red Roses, a good sign, Love.  Yellow Roses – hold on – maybe you’ve been downgraded!  Yellow roses signify friendship. Ouch.  And if someone gives you a Cactus you may well assume that you are in heaps of trouble, but take heart, the Cactus symbolises warmth, protection and endurance.  It’s a good thing, especially the yellow cactus flower which is a symbol of maternal love because it can endure and thrive in harsh conditions therefore represents a parent’s unconditional love.

So, what might an Air Plant mean? Can you believe no one has deemed them important enough to have a meaning?  Well, that stops now. I take it upon myself to assign one! What are their qualities? Adaptable, undemanding, long-lasting, enjoyable and rewarding.  All good qualities to have in a relationship. Surely this makes them an ideal gift for your loved one at any time of year?

What could go wrong? Say it with Air Plants (but better make sure you have some chocolates on stand by as well…)