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House Plant Trends for 2019

Posted: March 27, 2019

House Plant Trends for 2019


You can’t escape it, houseplants are back!  They are cool again, and long may it last, but what is hot for 2019 and beyond?

  1. Plant Squad

 Squad Goals – These days one sorry spider plant on the window sill is just not going to cut the mustard… you need upwards of 20 all over the place, Instagram (and similar) are awash with ‘Shelfies’.  Pictures of an array of gorgeous houseplants dripping off every surface.  And surely … every shelf has a teeny tiny space for an airplant?






  1. Big is Beautiful

Succulents, Cacti and Tillys continue to gain fans as they are amongst the best entry level houseplants around.  However, as your confidence grows… so it seems does the size of plant that you are willing to take on.  Cheese Plants (Monstera!), rubberplants, Devils Ivy and Palms are all seeing a revival.  Mamma Mia, here we go again,  it’s the ‘70’s all over.



  1. Terrarium Gardening


On a recent tour of garden centres we couldn’t help but notice bottle gardens of all shapes and sizes, ready planted or empty, are everywhereIf you fancy a challenge the giant terrariums come with extendable fork and trowel gadgets to help you plant them up. (By the way – you’re going to need all the help you can get if you are trying to recreate the Eden Project, but the front door is only the size of a 50 pence piece).  If you are a bit lazy like me, a nice open bowl planted up with anything from ferns to moss seems like a good option.



  1. Urban

It’s what outside that counts…meaning that nowadays the pot can be as important as the plant that goes in it.  The modern trend continues, geometric shapes, concrete, sleek lines.  Matt black and grey, throw in a shiny metallic or copper pot, and you will have nailed the look.





  1. Aquascaping

 If you have a tendency to over-water your houseplants then maybe this is for you.  A quick search on the internet will reveal the most stunning underwater gardens, from the very simple – to the simply unbelievable.  A good place to start is the Marimo Moss ball, undemanding, and very appealing, it is easy to see why people can think of them as their pets… If only you could stroke them!