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Air Plants

Happy New Year!

Posted: January 15, 2019

Happy New Hobby!


I love a New Year’s resolution, I do. But and it is a BIG ‘But’ – I don’t like to set the bar too high. Neater handwriting, load the dishwasher properly, no more plastic drinking bottles – you get the idea. One year, and it was one of my more successful ones, was to ‘Try something New’, and I can recommend it.

So, if you do fancy trying something new for 2019 – why not Air Plants? Again, not setting the bar too high, easy to care for, undemanding but very rewarding, pleasing to look at and plenty to discover if you get the bug, great for kids of all ages and crafting – I could go on (and on).

If you can encourage your plant to live (easy) it may go on to flower and have more air plant babies or ‘pups’, and that really is something.

If you are wondering where to start, how about the very beginning with our easy care Beginners Collection, or maybe we can tweak your interest with our ‘In The Pink’ collection.

Whatever you choose to do, all at Love Tillys wish you a Happy New Year!