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Well Being

Air Purifying Plants

Posted: January 25, 2023

Air Purifying Plants

If there are any positives to be taken from the recent cold snap, it is that the air feels clean, crisp and pure.

Indoors however, with the heating on, the air might not feel as fresh. So what can we do?

The addition of houseplants, of any kind, helps to improve our air quality, by adding humidity and helping to remove impurities. Our very own indoor ‘Air Purifying Plants’.

It is thought that even just looking at our indoor greenery helps our sense and feeling of general well-being.  Air Plants are no exception and some might even suggest, (well, me), that they are better at this than your average houseplant. This is because Air Plants release their oxygen overnight to improve the surrounding air quality.

Wouldn’t it be nice to add a few to your bedroom then? They’ll certainly look nice – and who knows – you may even get a better night’s sleep!